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Capturing life's most precious moments


Born to a hardcore amateur photographer father, I learned photography the old school way: shooting on an old manual Pentax and breathing in developer fumes in my father’s dark room. Though the days of the dark room are gone, I at least carry on the family tradition of tormenting one’s own children with a camera while telling them that they will eventually be grateful for all these photos!

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My life has been filled with so many wonderful twists. I moved away from my life in Japan and married a Canadian, then became the mother of two wonderful children after doctors told us we would never be able to have children. Now, I am switching careers after many years as a special ed teacher to devote myself to photography. Nothing is more thrilling and satisfying than to be entrusted to capture life’s most precious moments!

Taiki & Kaiya

The love of our lives, our inspiration and of course, our hard-working models!

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